Your Parenting

Raising a child can be your most enriching experience you will ever have in your life. Being around children with their infectious excitement for life, playfulness, brutal honesty, and ability to stay in the moment can be pure joy if you decide to take that journey. Keep in mind that it also means sacrifice, commitment, and patience, and a life of parenting is a 24/7 job that will follow you from the moment you conceive until the moment you leave this world.


Carl and Nathalie's wedding
My son Carl's and daughter-in-law Nathalie's wedding - 2016

My favourite poem by Vince Gowman...


Look at a child, and you may see a small, 

Dependent creation, an innocent without clarity or direction.

But beyond our physical perception of the individual child,

Living in our temporal existence, lies something more powerful

And ineffable and more magnificent than the eyes can see.


Within each child lies a roaring fire; a fire built from the seat of the soul,

The heart of the universe. This fire burns with fierce desire, 

a wildly joyous and eager desire to create, to play, to live to its fullest potential, and carve a path across time and space.


Its zest for life must not be contained. For this spark is the lifeblood 

Of the child, his very reason for being here. To douse the fire is

To empty the child of her truthful content, and to leave her without a

dream, forgetful of why she is here. 


For within the fire lies a purpose, a calling much bigger than any

We could prescribe. It is a creative potential, a creative force, 

Borne from the dawn of time, from the depths of all that has ever 

Been imagined.


And it is ready to be expressed, ready to live, and to shine a new,

Unique light into darkness of our struggling world.

It is why the child is here: to live this inner truth, to contribute 

And serve, and to feel the joy, passion, and love that comes with

Having this fire.

It is a commitment we must carefully examine, without judgement, pressure, or bias, and choose whether or not parenthood is the right direction to take our lives. This is a hugely important puzzle piece, not just for people who want to be or who already are parents but for those who don't want to take that journey, as well.

birth of my child Mitch
Meeting my son Mitch for the first time, 1992