Your Health & Wellbeing

What are you without your health?

For most people this question pops up when your health has already diminished…until this happens most of us take our body for granted.


Understanding your personal wellness is a dynamic, complex process that constantly changes as you age, grow and move. All of us enjoy the times of good health, usually only confronted with the occasional illness. Unfortunately, some encounter severe illness, which can often be life-changing. Having an active understanding of your body and its needs can help you manage and avoid these issues.


Maintaining good Health and Wellbeing is the foundation of a successful and happy life, although the level in which we place its importance varies person to person. The commitment we have to our health will always depend on the vision that we have of our physical selves – the more we value ourselves, the more effort we put into maintaining our health. If you’re finding that you’re not sure where to begin your journey of improvement, this puzzle piece is often less prioritized but, frankly, one of the most important.

Keep in mind...


Whether you dream of being more athletic, eating cleaner or losing some weight, we all begin with the intention to keep up our new healthy habits for good. Many of us, however, stumble into sabotage mode or loose motivation. Small failures can often derail our entire journey to improve our lives, which is why preparing for change is imperative.

Sigrid Lightfoot - Mount Everest
Mount Everest, Nepal, 2015

These are the three elements to prepare for this change. We must begin by identifying our purpose for wanting to improve our health.


Once your purpose becomes clear…the strength to stick to the plan will come, and success becomes your reward.


Sigrid Lightfoot Hawaii
Relaxing in Hawaii