Your Friends & Family

Life is about connection - our desire to share and our ability to build meaningful relationships. We are social creatures with a pack mentality. Find your herd, learn to play a positive role in other people's lives and allow others to contribute to yours.


Recognize: Humans are social creatures and, for the most part, not a day goes by without interactions with other humans. A great majority of those interactions are with our friends and family members. 

Our connections can range from a variety of verbal and no verbal interactions to physical and subliminal cues:

  • Small talk and in-depth conversations

  • Debating and sharing new ideas

  • Gestures of affection e.g. hugs, kisses, hand holding

  • Smiling, eye contact, etc.

Hiking - Sigrid Mitch and Carl
Family Hike ! 

Is human connection fundamentally essential to your survival? The answer is yes and no. No, we will not die simply because we aren't socially stimulated. As a species, however, we have always thrived in herds and tribes. There is something intrinsically human about understanding how to create meaningful and beneficial relationships with those around you.


I firmly believe that we function better overall when our need to connect and share have been met. The joy of laughter, the relief of expressing our concerns to someone we trust, the mutual excitement of sharing new experiences and the companionship we build through teamwork.


Much has been written verifying the importance of positive social relationships and its impact on the human psyche and overall wellbeing. For example, the Harvard Study of Adult Development (1938) offers insight on some of the physical implications of human connection. 

With my best friend Janie
With my best friend Janie and her daughter, Kelli