Your Finances

Our love-hate relationship with money can only be conquered with self-control and adaptability. We must first understand that money is a tool, not a hindrance and not a luxury. 

Understand - Plan - Success

It is believed that we are living in the best times, and that more wealth has been created in the past 200 years than ever before. Despite this burst in the economy, many of us still struggle as individuals, as a society, and as global citizens, to understand our relationship to money and how we can make it work in our favour.

We fear money, we question money, and we crave it. To create peace in this area of your life, you must first begin by asking yourself: "Why is there so much confusion, so much discomfort, and so much unhappiness surrounding money?"

New Delhi - 2015

New Delhi,India - Jan 2015

Understand: We must first begin by understanding our role when it comes to money, its purpose in our lives, and the reason it causes stress.

“Money is power, freedom, a cushion, the root of all evil, the sum of all blessings.”

Carl Sandburg

When can money cause physical and mental stress?​​

  • Not enough money to pay for essential needs

  • Enough money for basics, but nothing left for enjoyment

  • High monthly payments and low income 

  • Unexpected expenses

  • Saving for retirement 

  • Lack of skills to budget

  • Uncontrolled spending 

  • Unhealthy mindset (e.g. comparing yourself to others)

Learn to shift your financial habits and master your money. Enable happiness, reduce your stress by creating security and freedom!