Your Extraordinary Experiences

Imagine all of those  special things you dream of doing—the things that would give you joy if you had “time” to do them. Find time to do time for things. They will add unforeseen adventure and learning, every time.

Girl Hiking in Mountains


Chasing Northern lights in Canada

Visualize: Ask yourself...What is an extraordinary experience to you? 


- Is it linked to the material elements of your life ? ' 

- Are you breaking free from your daily mundane routine? 

- Is it a hobby that gives you joy and allows you to relax ? 

- Is it an activity that gives you a sense of purpose?

- Are you learning or exploring something new?

- Will you adopt new skills and ideas from this experience?


If "yes", to any of these questions, this is an extraordinary experience.  

Chasing Auroras with Manon, Yellowknife, NWT, December 2018

All of us will have a different take on this meaning—for many of us it will be a variety of possibilities. These may shift depending on your age and relationships with parents, partners, and children. 


ie. creating a cozy family home for your children and your partner may 

be your extraordinary experience for a time period in your life 

because it gives you joy and balance. 


For others it may mean skydiving, bungie jumping, or rock climbing—thrills that take you outside of your "normal".


The more freedom you give yourself to explore in your life, the more elaborate your bucket list of experiences will be. Consider finances in your decisions and dictate the extent of your experiences based on what you can realistically sustain.

“Regret for things we did can be tempered by time, 

It’s regret for things we did not do that is inconsolable."