Your Character

The word "Characte"r comes from the Greek kharaktēr, meaning “engraved mark.” To see ourselves as a process of engraving is a perfect way of imagining the journey ahead. Over time we must slowly build and carve out our character by adopting certain traits (honesty, integrity, courage, reliability, etc.) and expressing them through our daily actions. Like a piece of pottery, your character is built by your own hands, with your own intention and to be shown to the world proudly. This is why it is important to actively participate in building in the “positive” and removing the “negative.”


Taking notes

Take inventory: In many ways, who we are and what we stand for (our values) are reflected in our daily actions. So, begin by paying attention to how you react in certain situations to decide if a certain trait is a “positive” or a “negative” trait. Give yourself the gift of being brutally honest while you think about this. “Positive” character traits allow us to stay grounded and make good decisions in the face of pressure and adversity, while the traits we deem “negative” pull us away from the things we want in life. It is imperative to understand that we, as 

individuals, classify what is “positive” and “negative” – not someone else. For example: where one person may find their attention to detail a “positive” trait, allowing them to excel in a workplace, another may find that element a hinderance because it stops them from letting go of the little things. Defining a “positive” trait and a “negative” trait is entirely personal, and first we must start by assessing our goals in life. We then ask ourselves: is this part of my character making it easier or more difficult to achieve my goals?

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

Building Good Character is a life-long endeavour!