Your Career

"Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life."

Our career can be equally a source of passion as much as stress. It takes up the majority of our time, so why waste your energy on something that doesn't fit your goals and help achieve your ideal life? Never underestimate the joy, satisfaction, and mental health that can come from finding a professional pursuit that you truly love.


...What do you want to be when you grow up?

super hero child

This is a question posed to us as young as four or five, and continues through the rest of our early education. When graduation nears, we are supposed to have some sort of idea or direction of the rest of our professional life. It is an expectation from our parents, friends, and society in general.


Of course, one should have some sort of plan as to how we can make enough money to support ourselves, become independent and leave the nest. The problem comes, however, when asked to decide our entire career at a time in our lives when we're 

not fully cooked. As humans, our understanding of who we are evolves throughout the rest of our lives, yet we're expected to settle on one professional trajectory to satisfy us through that entire journey. Therein lies the problem.


In modern day society, with access to so much knowledge at our own fingertips, we have more freedom to redefine and expand our knowledge base as many times as we choose. Break away from the idea that a career is a life-sentence. If your work is not inspiring you, it's time to rebuild.