We're off to Africa!

Working with the women's school in Moshi, Tanzania in 2016

Throughout my travels, I have discovered the joy and rewards of giving back to communities all over the world. When I dreamt of Live Your Best Life, donating a portion of the profits to organizations that empower men, women, and children in impoverished regions was always a part of the plan. I chose these two organizations based on my love for education and empowerment. I encountered both organizations during my volunteer experience in Moshi, Tanzania, and saw the powerful impact of their work firsthand.

Today, the Live Your Best Life team is going back to Tanzania! We will be visiting non-profit organizations I have worked with in the past, like the Give a Heart to Africa women's business school, and new projects.

Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook, and keep up to date with our blog, for all the latest updates!

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