Turning 60 ... the initial panic ... the journey of wisdom

The weeks prior to my 60th BIRTHDAY were paved with major anxiety … mostly I wanted to hide from the world.

Had anything changed ?

Did I feel old ?

IS it our society that labels us as OLD, over the hill… the years of discrepancy ahead ?


Not acknowledging this special day seemed like the logical choice…. But then I also knew that most likely I would not get away with that plan.

And I was right ! My children and my friends started the careful conversations … I could feel the tip toe approach to the subject… or was it me ? Did I make everone a bit uneasy as to my true emotional state ?

My grandma, the feisty woman, who had lived to 98, who rode her bicycle to the market every morning past her 92nd BD. This woman told me the glass is more than half full ! She had been my role model in so many ways, encouraged me always to FACE MY FEARS head on.

Arriving at that new wisdom one evening as I sort of meditated/reflected with my glass of wine feeling, feeling a bit sorry for myself and a bit melancholy.

That's when I decided to fully embrace the inevitable and come up with a fun plan for my BD … have a party … A BIG party with a band and dance floor and of course an elaborate menu of food for all taste buds. As you know, I adore FOOD.

Excitement was in the air and the planning was UNDERWAY.

February 3, 2015 ... It was a magical day, gathering with my sons and daughter-in-law we climbed into the limo for that fun ride to the venue. My staff of 14, creative and resourceful preschool teachers, had turned our school into a funky relaxed bar scene with sitting areas, a dance floor, a beautiful buffet of food and decorations in silver and purple. In one corner I saw a photo booth with an array of accessories inviting all guests to have fun with selfies.

My sons Carl and Mitch had set up a perfect bar in one corner of the room, both dressed so handsome in their bluegrey shirts with suspenders, serving beer and wine and even a few mixers.

60+ guests welcomed my arrival and I was truly blown away by all the KINDNESS and LOVE.

Changing outfits in my office I heard the sound of a saxophone…. Happy BIRTHDAY TO YOU … and I stepped out with my dancing dress from “Forever 21” and my purple hat.

The moment of embracing SIXTY had arrived as I danced the night away with my friends and family. Manon had created a video of the highlights of my life, my journey to Canada, the fun times with my three sons, my entrepreneurship highlights in teaching and childcare and of course an assortment of travel adventures. It was a magical moment for me, as I watched my life in pictures in front of me. The best part, I was surrounded by my children and my friends drinking champagne and savouring my favourite St.Honore cake.

Three years later…. I look back … beautiful memories enter my mind of that special night, a celebration among friends who care for one another, the enjoyment of the beauty of life that sourrounds us every day if we are able to recognize it.

As it turned out, this is becoming a more exceptional decade than the last one. Life is filled with even more wisdom gathered and the new found freedom of speaking my mind. The older one gets, the more the filters go away !

The truth matters a lot more, the need to please others and be liked becomes less important.

For we know NOW the people who love us are here for good and in return are valued by us.

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