Six Ideas to empower ourselves and each other... between the sheets !

It's a journey of discovery, with a few tools and an open mind you can...

...learn and get better,

promote sexual and romantic chemistry,

dramatically improve your quality of life -- together and independently.

#1 ...learn about yourself

Take a workshop... I did at age 57, the year I got divorced, and what an eye opener it was, the topic "The importance of a good orgasm, and how so many women fake it to protect their partners ego".

I learned how to ask for what I like and how to teach. It empowered me to buy my first vibrator and start practicing.

Being in the room with so many women my age, the discussion of menopausal symptoms came up and how Bio-Identical hormones can be a life changer, not only lubricating your vagina, but protecting your heart and bones as well , another big plus in my life now.

#2 ...spend quality time together

Passion goes out the window when sex becomes an obligation. We need to be mindful that quality matters. We need focus and determination and establish sufficient time of connectivity with each other.

#3 ...create romantic spaces in your home

In your bedroom experiment with lighting and cozy bedding. Candles, incense or diffusers and don't forget that romantic playlist.

In the kitchen there is time not only for cooking together, but dancing and feeding each other as well. Candles on the table and love messages inside the napkins.

Sitting on your patio in the warm summer air with a glass of wine and skinny dipping in the pool, if you have one. If not, maybe a stroll along the beach and see what happens.

#4 honest and have courage

Honesty and trust are vital, our actions have to match our words to be believed. Own up to your own reactions and and accept constructive feed back. Allow your partner to have their own identity, and accept you may not always be on the same page.

Have the courage to discuss uncomfortable feelings and also your sexual fantasies.

#5 ... commit to acts of adoration

We call the exciting, touchy, thrilling or flirty phase: the Honeymoon Phase. But why should that ever go way ?

Wouldn't you want your partner to adore you long after the comfort has been established ?

There are many ways:

- explore sexting while they're away from you, give foot rubs, send her flowers without an occasion, place a hot message on a sticky in his shirt pocket and much more

- create your own Wishing Well ... an idea I developed from a child's game (see PDF)

- take turns in becoming the event planner of the night, surprises are welcome

#6 committed to passion and playfulness

Boredom is not uncommon in a relationship, sometimes there are deep problems,

which need to be addressed. Sometimes a little more effort can bring back that giddy feeling of early love and lust.

Investigate in the flirty ideas and see where is leads, the list of ideas is long (see PDF)

It is the unpredictable moments of playfulness that keep a couple engaged and learning. Stay in tune with the wishes of your partner.

We must accept that there will be learning and adjustments along the way, there is no perfection, we are human after all.

When we find ourselves frustrated with our partners -- wishing they would change, instead of abandoning ship in these moments, we must first ask ourselves:

Have I done all I can to create my ideal relationship ?

This simple guide will give you lots of ideas,

allow you to explore your romantic potential and

improve your quality of life.

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