Resilience ....Where are you ?

By Sigrid Lightfoot

In today’s COVID/Omicron impacted world with uncertainty staring us into the face, even the most positive thinking MINDS feel the air getting sucked out of their life balloons !

TEN Tools which help us bounce back…

the difference of handling the pressure or loosing our cool.

Finding our Resilience is a Game Changer

Believing in our Abilities

Reminding ourselves that we have dealt with difficult situations before is the first step in harnessing our inner strength.

Replacing our negative self-talk with positive ones immediately, NOT allowing negative thoughts to expand in our minds.

Our self-esteem is very importing in coping with the stress bombarding our system, reflecting on our past accomplishments will be key in navigating through these moments of doubt.

YES, I CAN has to be our mantra!

Embracing Change

Accepting the reality that is not wanted is the first step. Denial is never our friend in the long run. The feeling “this is out of my control and I am helpless” needs to be re-directed to “how can I best respond to this, adapt, be ok and eventually thrive again.

Staying Optimistic

“This too shall pass” is an important phrase to remember, life is forever changing and nothing ever stays the same. Positive thinking does not mean ignoring the problem. Understanding that setbacks are temporary, believing that we have skills and abilities to weather the storm are crucial and will help us to focus on positive outcomes.

Nurturing Ourselves

Various responses happen as people experience stress, some of us slip into unhealthy habits adding to our already weakened state. Focusing on our self-care needs and remembering to eat healthy, exercise and get enough sleep are crucial.

Making time for activities that we enjoy and throwing in some self-pampering to help us relax. Balance of Mind and Body is Key.

Finding our Social Network

Who are our people, the special ones we can confide in?

We all need them in times of crisis to hold each other up. At times to vent, at times to receive some feedback, but mostly to feel not all alone with our problems. A friend with good listening skills has tremendous value.

Finding a Sense of Purpose

Depending on our crisis finding a way forward, a purpose, will have positive impact on our recovery. We all need meaning in our lives.

Participating in activities and cultivating our interests in work and play will add joy and meaning into our lives.

Expanding our Problem Solving Skills

Finding more solutions is the focus. Making time to chart down various strategies in a logical way to deal with various problems. The more we practice this skill the easier it will become.

Muscle memory… and our brain has Wonderful recall capacities. Trust It!

Establishing Goals

When in a crisis our brains goes in overdrive and we feel very

overwhelmed. Stepping back, assessing the problem and then developing steps to deal with the situation is the way forward.

Being mindful to set attainable goals.

Sometimes a large goal needs to be broken down in smaller steps, the mini-goals that are possible to achieve today.

Our power is only in TODAY, every goal we want in life is a series of multiple steps leading to success.

Take Action

Taking action is required!

Nothing CAN or Will happen if we wait for some magic to happen.

While we often may not know how to solve the big picture of the problem in front of us, taking the first small step will open our mind to more possibilities and keeping us away from slipping further into despair mode. Taking action will give us a sense of control, and being proactive will allow us to make our goal a reality.

Never Give Up

Remembering our purpose in life is to work towards happiness and harmony. It is important for all of us to experience a sense of fulfillment in that we have found and conquered the reason of why we were put on this earth.

Allow yourself to grow and invite new possibilities when crisis hits you straight in the face.

Finding our Resilience is a Game Changer

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