Our first Community Connection Evening... months ago... and then there were a few roadblocks...

The task .... finding FOCUS

February 7th we were ....

... thrilled to announce that Live Your Best Life kicked off our Community Connection series with an incredible night of networking, meditation, and delicious desserts. On that Thursday, 12 women gathered at the LYBL headquarters on the North Shore for an evening of empowerment and support.

Our Community Connections are a chance for local people to gather at the LYBL Learning Lab in North Vancouver to share, learn, and find inspiration to live their healthiest and happiest lives.

For our first event, we held an exclusive experience for our close family and friends (really to test out our hosting skills!) Ladies from the Little Rascals, a few parents, and some of our closest friends and colleagues joined us for a two hour introduction to the new company.

We started the evening with a speech by LYBL's founder and CEO, Sigrid Lightfoot. She took the group of women through the early inspiration for her empowerment and lifestyle company, outlined LYBL's mission, and introduced a series future events and products in the works.

Then, Manon Pruvost presented a short video to the group outlining 3 of the 12 LYBL Puzzle Pieces taken from the learning categories to illustrate some of the self-teaching guides.

Then yoga instructor Kylie Railton took the group through a hour of guided meditation and restorative stretches.

We concluded the night by sipping a variety of tasty blends from David's tea and nibbling on Sigrid's signature homemade blueberry and raspberry pie, which was to die for!

LYBL will be hosting our next Community Connection on March 7th, 2019. Kylie will be joining us again for a guided meditation and soft stretch class. There will be tea and desserts, as well as an inspiring presentation from Sigrid.

We hope you can join us for another amazing night!

... and we did, again on March 7th and for a great night of painting with artist Barbara San Severino in late Spring. A fun evening of painting cherry blossoms, all of us in happy mode with our new learned skills. Aside from acquiring new painting strategies, we relaxed with a glass of wine chatting to our fellow painters or deep in thought in our imagination.

There was a moment when I heard Barbara's voice: "It's so quiet, you are so engaged, it's amazing !"

As life never goes as planned... my work at Little Rascals (my childcare director hat) demanded many hours of attention that Spring and this past Summer.

Obstacles to be tackled and solutions to be found, there were days of huge frustration and not knowing how to deal with all the tasks at hand.

Patience not always my strong suit needed to be learned !

Have I learned it ? The answer... I'm in training every day, but I enjoy the successes on the way.

Our Learning Lab in our newly renovated space opened it's doors in September and our new curriculum for Preschool children and Grades 2-6 is very much enjoyed by the children and their parents. We are shifting the thinking, more creativity and more kindness for others in mind, more questioning of "Why" ... my joy of being an educator fostering emotional intelligence reaching new HIGHS.

Now I am finding a few more hours to write again, to motivate my team, to explore more ideas.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of in inspirational ways to improve your life .... our PDF series on how to live happier and with less stress coming your way.

Remember... you are in charge, you can shift, and you can create a better tomorrow for YOU !

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