Hydrating is more than just plain H2O!

The daily benefits of lemon water

When life gives you lemons...make a hydrating morning remedy!

Why lemon water?

Lemons are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Not only does it contain vitamins C, B6, A, E, folate, and pantothenic acid, but they also have minerals like calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.

Consuming warm lemon water in the morning is especially beneficial for your body as it hydrates, makes your system alkaline, and gives your liver a kick start to clean out the toxins which have accumulated overnight.

Here is the detailed list of benefits:

  1. Aids digestion - less bloating, gas, and constipation

  2. Promotes weight loss - curbs appetite and prevents sugar binges

  3. Encourages liver detox - reverses and prevents toxic build up in the blood stream

  4. Boosts immune function - electrolytes help fighting off infection and bioflavonoids fight free radicals (reactive atoms that can damage cells by altering their chemical structure) to prevent inflammation

  5. Freshens breath - promotes saliva production and neutralizes odour

  6. Revitalizes skin - loaded with vitamin C, protects against free radicals, and improves hydration resulting in more youthful looking skin

  7. Reduces inflammation - prevents uric acid build up in the joints

  8. Provides energy boost - citrus scent and taste send signals to your brain and kicking it into high gear

  9. Helps fight infection - lemon juice is antibacterial and antiviral

  10. Lowers blood pressure - extra potassium without the calories

  11. Soothes respiratory problems - compounds calm aggravated cells and decreases asthma

  12. Treats gallstones - citric acid can dissolve lumps in the skin and reduce calcium deposits, 1:1 mixture of lemon juice and olive oil breaks down gallstones

Tips and Tricks

My big "Hello Sunshine" mug helps remind me that a healthy morning leads to a happy day!

If you’re going to use full lemons, use organic so it can soak in the hot water without any chemicals or pesticides. Try to avoid using lemon juice or lemon concentrates, because those fruits have been so processed that there are no longer any enzymes or good nutrients from the rind.

Personally, I use 2-3 lemons each day. I use half a lemon in my early morning warm wake-up drink, the second half of the lemon squeezed into my ketone drink. Then I have the another half lemon in my water bottle and another in my afternoon hot water drink to replace the midday coffee…although, of course, there are days when I have both.

While 12-14 lemons a week sounds like a lot, if you think about it as replacing a $4 morning Starbucks latte or $2-$3 sugary drinks, it actually works out to be more cost effective…and way healthier! My go-to drinks now are, lemon water, coffee and red wine.

Hydrate and give your body the cleanse it deserves!

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