Hello, Sunshine! My 30-minute morning routine

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Getting up in the morning is never easy! But with a few tips, tricks, and a touch of planning...you too can wake up the early bird snoozing inside you.

There were times when I stayed in bed right until the last minute—fighting with myself and resisting leaving the warm covers. As a result of my multiple snooze delays, I was always rushed and stressed by the time I left the house. A terrible start to my day, arriving late for work and often frazzled.

Over the last year I consciously put more effort into my morning routine. Now, I actually have two versions! A “short” and easy routine for the days I don’t have lots of time, and a “long” version for the luxury mornings when I have plenty of time.

They both start off the night before—that’s when I decide how much time I will have in the morning, so I mentally prepare myself for either the 30-minute or 90-minute routine.

My quick n' easy mornings look like...

6:00-7:00 a.m. — Alarm goes off…Resist pressing that snooze button.

Step 1 (5 minutes): Prepare warm water with half an organic lemon squeezed in filtered water. This is a healthy start for your liver and your gut, hydrating and alkalining before you pour down the acidic coffee.

Step 2 (5 minutes): Two cycles of 25 belly breaths using the Wim Hof Method. This oxygenates your cells, makes your body alkaline, strengthens your immune system, and helps you to focus better.

Step 3 (5 minutes): Eye exercises...a mixture of massaging your eyebrows, blinking, zooming, shifting and figure eight. This improves your eyesight by strengthening your eye muscles and pumping blood into the cells connected to the optic nerve. Flattens the furrow lines on your forehead and sagging of eyelid.

Step 4 (5 minutes): Pelvic floor exercises (Kegels). This helps maintain optimal urinary and reproductive function, and can improve sensation.

Step 5 (10 minutes): Jump on the Rebounder.Your joints, heart, and lymphatic system will thank you, and your skin will shine. Here's a clip of me enjoying the fun and exercise of my rebounder!

In short, it's a simple 30-minutes of drinking, breathing, rolling, squeezing, and jumping to get your body and mind ready for a successful day. By the time you have completed this routine you will be wide awake and ready to face the any challenge.

These small changes have a big reward. It's one of my oxygenating secrets to beautiful skin, a strong body, and a good mood! Your vagina, or penis, will love you for the extra Kegel attention, too!

So what are your waiting for...Get out of bed…now!

And don't forget, you can always adjust your perfect morning routine to suit your wake-ups wherever you are in the world!

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