Covid & the Human Spirit - 2 Years later

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

What NEEDS to Change Urgently?

How do we want to live ?

The new wave of Omicron shows us that virus mutation is the

Wild Card... and we will always be a step behind !

When we step back and observe all around us, we can easily see the toll the COVID Pandemic has taken on people.

Initially many of us thought this would be a 3 to 4 months slowdown/shutdown.

But is has become abundantly clear to all of us that there is NO known End in sight.

Our Hope to return back to a so-called "NORMAL LIFE" dashed, our trust in our Government leaders shaken and our realization that we ALL are in very unchartered waters confirmed every day. The newest variant Omicron adding another layer of unpredictability.

Two years later we have to accept that this virus has us back in fear and hopelessness mode as WAVE #5 is gripping the world. Our solutions so far are not enough, billions of dollars spent with future money, our workforce depleted and our frontline workers exhausted and ready to throw in the towel.

That is our state of affairs as this year 2021 comes to an end.

As I share my observations, my own perspective, I remind you to read on with an open mind. You may not agree on some points, you may reflect on your own observations, some may resonate with you, some may not.

My only hope is my desire for change, because change is needed on many levels to propel us out of this paralyzing state of mind.

The Fear of Getting Covid - My Own Journey

Last year in March 2020, I travelled from Vancouver to Hawaii sitting next to a gentleman who was coughing frequently and sweating profusely. On day Five in Hawaii I noticed a loss of taste, as I visited my favourite restaurant and barely could taste anything. That was my first clue.

The following days I experienced a mild headache, body aches, sinus congestion, chills, a low grade fever and strong night sweats.

Concerned I called the clinic suggested by the hotel. The doctor told me to ride it out and only show up at the hospital if breathing becomes difficult,

I steadily improved implementing all my learned remedies, came back home to Canada just before the border closed. As most countries went into shut down mode, so did I with my childcare business from mid March to end of May 2020.

Eventually testing for antibodies became available, and I could confirm that I had antibodies in my system. I will never know if I was exposed on the plane or in my work setting of childcare, where kids and staff were sick in high numbers in January and February of 2020. The word CORONA Virus had just entered our news media and we were focused on sterilizing surfaces rather than wearing a mask.

You may remember there was a mask shortage and some of us started sewing masks, myself included. In total I made 350 masks for my family, friends and my staff.

The Sheep Approach - Tell me what to do ?

Whenever there is a crisis, we have various approaches as humans.

Some need to be told what to do to function, others question everything and resist adaptation, some think for themselves but go along with procedures they are powerless to control, others take a stand and try to convince the people around them that government is trying to control us at all cost.

The onslaught of news reports and following social media fuels our anxiety further.

It is important to understand the role that systems and governments play in our society. Both in place to manage a population to function, keep the majority safe and prevent chaos. The fragile balance to be observed between the freedom of the individual versus the needs of the group.

Many discussions on the effectiveness of various government protocols and inconsistencies or flawed implementations can be had,

At the same time we need to be mindful that we all are in new territory and we are learning, unfortunately PAINFULLY SLOW.

The Tools We Need - What would be helpful ?

One thing is surprising to me that after almost two years of COVID impacting our daily lives many of us have not figured out a formula, a step by step program to empower ourselves in the event we become exposed or even contact the virus.

We all should have a kit of remedies in our drawer, and common sense should dictate that one does not go back to work or send a child back to school after being tested for COVID.

The lack of Self-Care and the lack of Care for Others is a HUGE problem.

In March 2020 I spoke to my friend in Spain. At that time the virus was rampaging in Italy and Spain. People were caught off guard with the severity of the situation and had not identified that the virus was airborne, hence so many people died in their homes.

By now we have learned so much on how this virus works and multiplies.

There is NO excuse for half measures and not being accountable to ourselves and each other.

  • Take a rapid self-test whenever you feel unwell. Home tests should be available and FREE of charge. We are way to slow in preventing the spread.

  • We know now that 40% of people infected with the strain of Omicron are asymptomatic, so the spread is now inevitable. One could argue that front line workers should get tested regularly even without symptoms, and it may even be a good idea for all of us to take a weekly test to ensure that we are not asymptomatic.

It is mind boggling that after 2 years we do not have a system of self-testing and accountability in place.

SO REALLY .... we have left the Back Door wide open .... waiting for a miracle.

There is a quote by Albert Einstein:

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over

and expecting different results"

  • Preventative self-care (masks, hand washing and sanitizer) is a basic tool all of us must practice. There is evidence that even 2 layers of cloth may not be effective enough. Folded medical masks have good filtration but often leave gaps open on the side. Make sure you choose wisely for your protection level needed and that there is a good fit.

  • Gaging how much risk we want to take on is another piece and a personal choice, like deciding do I mingle with various people in crowded places daily, or weekly or rarely ?

  • Do I leave my mask ON most of the time or NOT ?

  • Being vigilant and thinking ahead - our immune system is our weapon against the virus. The stronger your immune system, the better your chances of fighting the virus off with little impact on your longterm health. This means eating a well balanced diet rich in Vitamins and Minerals to give our bodies the best chance possible. Sufficient sleep, exercise and working on stress reduction are vital for a strong body and mind.

  • Stress and anxiety will wreak havoc on our immune system. Practice mindfulness and choose how much you allow the news media to enter into your daily life. When we allow the feeling of powerlessness to take over,, we are sending strong signals to our body of giving up, A BAD PLAN !

  • Important to note also is the fact that our sugary diet takes our immune system off line. Two tablespoons of sugar will decrease our immune system by up to 50% for approx. 6 hours. Choose wisely how many sugary foods and drinks (including alcohol) you consume on a daily basis , especially when there is no counter balance of greens to take the toxins out of your body.

  • 80% of your immune system is in your gut, so you have control !

  • Execute your KILL VIRUS Routine !

I have worked with children for 40 years now, a daily germ pool and constant exposure. Even with all the preventative measures described, sickness still happens occasionally, but knowing what to do is KEY, and doing it FAST will have significant positive impact on the outcome. Most people don't take care of themselves properly and give their body's immune system a chance to fight things off. In our busy world of timelines popping a painkiller and keep going is standard routine. But this does not always work to our advantage, especially given that COVID can be stronger than the average cold or flu.

COVID Fighters

  • Preventing the virus from multiplying is KEY.

  • Lots of warm fluids (lemon water, herbal teas, soups) to flush out the toxins.

  • Gargling with salt water and a touch of baking soda to kill the virus on the membrane surfaces and prevent it from spreading into out lungs. Baking Soda has alkaline properties and no virus or bacteria can multiply in that environment.

  • Sinus rinses with salt water and baking soda are very effective to prevent or heal sinus infections.

  • Take supplements at the onset of illness. Vitamin C (500mg every 2 hours), Zinc, Garlic, Ginger, Olive Leaf (antiviral) or Oil of Oregano (antiviral). Crushing a fresh garlic clove on a piece of toast or potato will make you instantly feel better as it aids as a decongestant and kills viruses and bacteria.

  • Rest is of utmost importance for the body to fight off the virus.

All of the ABOVE are common sense measures and very effective in fighting off or lessening the severity of any flu illness.

The Vaccine Method - Did It end the Covid crisis ?

Are we ignoring important facts ?

The answer to the first question is NO, but it is one tool in our toolbox.

From the beginning there was skepticism that vaccines would eradicate the CORONA virus for the following reasons:

  • Not all people will agree to take the vaccine at the same time

  • Not all countries will have access to the vaccine at the same time

  • The CORONA virus is a flu virus and mutates constantly over time, hence our vaccines are not effective for a long time.

  • Our research to adapt to new strains is too slow

  • Our delivery process of vaccinations is too slow

We have to accept the fact that Mother Nature is one step ahead of us, that we are not living in harmony with ourselves, each other and our planet. Our desire for the quick fix, our desire for money and control, our deep division amongst countries, our inability to make tough decisions for the better of the future ensures that we cannot succeed. Every action in life has a consequence !

  • Making ourselves dependent on the Pharmaceutical industry without implementing a variety of other tools effectively is a bad plan.

To rely on booster shots for years to come will weaken our Immune system

every time we take a shot for about 2-6 weeks towards other illnesses.

Taking a booster shot now when it will decrease our chance of getting the

Omicron strain only by 15% percent (latest study). Is that worthwhile ?

  • As an example of poor effectiveness one can look at the distribution of the 2021/22 flu shots only being 30-40% effective this season.

  • An Intense research on antiviral meds was essential and would have been a smarter idea to help COVID patients fight the symptoms.

  • Important to remember is the fact that the Corona Virus has been fatal to 1.8% of the world population in the early months, but the current percentage is close to 1% and decreasing as we have learned how to deal with symptoms. With the first indications that this new strain Omicron may be a bit milder one could argue that this percentage will drop further. On the other hand given the fact that accelerated transmission rates will lead to rising hospitalizations, and if our medical system reaches a breaking point, then many patients will not receive adequate care and therefore a higher mortality rate will be the result.

Unfortunately for us the damage is done, we have wasted the last two years focusing only on vaccine delivery, and even done a poor job at that.

  • Another point to remember is our lack of observing the big picture of other illnesses like cancer and heart disease, our two biggest killers. How much damage was done by ignoring good care to those patients? Assessing illnesses via phone conferences with poor diagnosis. Delayed appointments and delayed surgeries have resulted in many hardships and some deaths that could have been prevented.

Placing all eggs in one basket is NEVER a good idea !

We need to be OPEN to learning and evolving !

We need to accept that we tried to do what we thought was best at the beginning of the Pandemic, but we did NOT succeed with our plan !

How Do We Want To Live ?

In Fear ?

Restricted ?

In a Safe Bubble Alone ?

Ruled by Vaccine Dependency of Boosters and ongoing restrictions for years to come ?

We need to raise these questions, we need to be realistic and stop living in fear.

We cannot escape our reality of today, and we need to accept that we all

have to take on more responsibility for ourselves and our own actions.

We need to acknowledge that our workforce is depleated, that our front

line workers are tired of constantly being in the fire.

And frankly I’m getting a bit tired myself of listening to the people whining as they work from Home feeling socially isolated. It is an argument, but I would say it’s a lot more difficult to work on the front line and being there everyday with no end in sight.

We need to assess how we have helped our Seniors by keeping them locked up in care homes.

Was that a kind approach ?

Did they suffer more by being isolated ?

And the big QUESTION - What will the fall out be from our Mental Health Care Crisis if we continue on this trend of no workable plan ?

As a reminder the Spanish flu lasted 3 years, some research indicates closer to 4 years (February 1918 to Winter of 1921)

The world population was 1.8 Billion then, there were an estimated 500 Million cases (27%) and 10% of the infected died from the symptoms.

There were Four waves, with the 3rd wave being recorded as the deadliest.

We are now 2 years into the COVID Pandemic.

Our world population today is 7.75 Billion

So far we have 275 Million cases recorded and 5.5 Million have died.

We are now entering wave #5

In 1894 Mark Twain wrote:

“Courage is Resistance to Fear, Mastery of Fear and not Absence of Fear”

Fear alone is paralysing, acknowledging fear but taking steps and learning on how to overcome is courage and will push down the fear allowing us to live and believe that we can.

Being accountable for our actions and the risks we take each day as individuals.

Being aware and present in the moment and letting go of the need to be told constantly what to do next. We are able to think for ourselves.

Granted there are restrictions in place imposed by government to hold the virus in check. At times they make sense, at times they are not based on science but ony a gesture that an attempt is made to curb the spread.

We may agree or disagree, we may voice our concerns or keep our mouth shut.

Yet we need to accept that we are living in these turbulent times and if we want to survive this, we need to figure out tools on How To mostly for ourselves.

For some this may be more alone time in smaller settings, for others the invitation to be of service and help out.

For all of us this is an opportunity to grow and to accept that this is our life now, we can’t run from this, there is nowhere to run to.

For our governments it is time:

  • to shift from controlling the willing with fear, vaccines and restrictions ..... while ignoring the unwilling with inconsistencies.

  • to empower all of us with more education on how to keep our bodies healthy

  • a checklist of self help tools when we get sick with COVID

  • free self testing kits at home

  • accountability consequences for the people who act selfish and unkind towards others

  • more research on MEDS to minimize the symptoms

  • accepting the fact that this virus will never be controlled by us given our human nature of not being able to be on the same page as a Country or a group of Nations.

Fear fuels panic, too many restrictions lead to rebellion in our western societies.

Treating adults like children will result that adults act like children !

Knowledge, empowerment, self-accountability and a TO DO plan eases anxiety and may lead to better outcomes overall.

What is there to loose given our current situation of the worst wave being ahead of us in days to come.

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