Sigrid Lightfoot CEO of LYBL Emp and Little Rascals Daycare

I have a story to tell you.




We all have a story. It is the collective experiences of our highs, lows, and the plateaus which have brought us to this moment, today. To some, our story doesn't feel unique. To others, it feels all too isolating. It took me almost five decades to realize that each and every story is neither good nor bad. You are neither victim not victor, rather you are the protagonist on a vital roadmap to realizing your full potential. 


The purpose of sharing my story is to inspire. I want to inspire your trust, your shift, and your empowerment. By handing you my life in words I hope you can find comparisons to your own journey, and trust I am only here to empathize and engage. Our ultimate goal, as a team, is to release you from the heaviness of life - whatever form it has taken. Once that is gone, you will be able to live with an abundance of lightness and freedom. 


I won't deny that material wealth is a high that stimulates what feels like happiness. I have found, over time, that wealth is a false mistress. Acknowledging my emotional state, exercising my free will, following my passion and creativity - these things have provided true, lasting, deep-rooted joy. The things I used to want to escape from - regret, guilt, frustration, anxiety - I only found sanctity from in breaking down the person I had allowed myself to become and building myself back up as a healthier, more aware woman. 


My story has not been a blissful fairytale. My life has been filled with hurdles, sadness, loss, anger and, alternatively, joy, surprise, and passion. The moment I stopped looking at life as a series of painful intersections and, instead, lessons meant to challenge and engage my strengths was when I began to live the happiest I have ever experienced. People I once called toxic turned into my greatest teachers, the obstacles became challenges…“when will I catch a break?” turned into “bring it on.” I only got here by examining the details of my own story.

So, what brought you here? I am assuming we can find some common ground in that you are feeling lost or in search of guidance.


Whether it be loneliness, confusion, frustration, or despair, your first step it to realize life is a just series of "moments" - good, bad, and inconsequential. Though they are heartbreakingly painful and messy to confront, they also brought you here. And "here" is where you start anew. 


So, all of those moments when you feel like you don’t matter or the people around you don't seem to care, the moments of unrequited self-sacrifice, or loss, or chaos, the moments of sadness when you realize that the dreams you had for your life are unreachable given your circumstances....All of these moments brought you to the conclusion that something needs to change. 

The thing that needs to change is your perspective of these difficult moments. It's not easy. It takes constant work and reflection. The key is to pay attention to how you feel and not override those feelings because whatever is happening doesn't fit into your orchestrated plan for life.


Know, in these moments, that we are all in this together and there are lessons to be learned all around us. I will begin our journey together by giving you my story to read, if you so choose. In that action, I hope you understand that I once believed life was just a series of bad moments strung together by a few glimmers of relief. If I was able to shift my thinking and find an untapped well of joy, so can you.


So, I have a story to tell you...

Childhood in Germany



I was born in 1955 in a small town in northern Germany to parents who had survived the war as children. My father was nine-years-old when WWII broke out, my mother was barely six then. 

What would follow is a childhood full of survival, love, loss and learning. 

First steps into social work...

Experience truly is the foundation to understanding what you want out of life, and moving to the orphanage was just that: rich and earnest experience.

In 1971, I began my practicum at an orphanage in Braunlage. Looking back, I know now I was seeking refuge from my chaotic home. I remember hoping it would be a happier, safer place and that I would find something I had been missing in my early childhood. 

Work at the orphanage in Germany
first years in Canada

Immigration to Canada...

When I was 20, my boyfriend began talking about immigrating to another country. I was beyond excited. Just having finished my degree in social work, I had landed a job working in a small orphanage. Back then, I considered an opportunity to work with children, on a high salary with benefits, a dream job.


This idea to move, however, planted a much bigger seed in the back of my mind - it was my first taste, my first chance, to see the world beyond the bleak and heavy life that awaited me in Germany. I wasn’t going to pass it up. 

Married life...

I was married for 32 years - two marriages. The first one lasted 13 years, the second 19 years. Most my adult life I was married, yet it wasn't until many years after divorce to figure out what it takes to make a good partnership and a romantic love relationship.


It was years of being alone, soul searching and learning, that I learned an extraordinary relationship takes ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

Sigrid Lightfoot and first husband Hans
Sigrid Lightfoot and her 3 sons


Children have always put a big smile on my face. I knew as early as my teenage years that motherhood was something I had to experience. Parallel, however, was always this desire for more education and successful career. I wanted it all, but was never quite sure how to balance the two. 


My pathway into self-sustain and successful entrepreneurship was not planned, rather it developed through frustration and grew into empowerment. 

Now, I am taking the skills and lessons learned over the past 30 years and building a company to help others define and achieve their own success.

Little Rascals Daycare gets build
Taj Mahal India trip

Extraordinary Experiences...

We all have them…the highlight reel of our life that inhabits our memory bank. It gives us joy and fuels our passions. Extraordinary experiences are called so because they allow us to feel elevated, they break up the mundane routines, they give us a sense of relief, and remind us that we are in control of our lives.

A dream becomes reality...

The truth is: “Anything is possible, if you want something, you will make it happen, if you don’t really want it, you will find an excuse… so, what do you want ?”

Photoshoot Sigrid Lightfoot